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Xenio (ZEN-ee-oh) provides commercial IoT solutions by spanning technology embedded in LED light fixtures, site-management software tools, mobile apps and the cloud.

Privately Held

The Market
Cleantech – General illumination

Xenio is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and solutions company, with patented technologies that offer the mutually reinforcing benefits of Smart Lighting advances and support for key IoT applications. Xenio is designed for commercial public spaces like retail stores, hotels, entertainment venues, offices, health care facilities, and transportation hubs.

Its open platform and ecosystem partners are taking Smart Lighting further, faster – and making in-ceiling networks, riding on smart lighting infrastructure, a breakthrough approach to deploying and operating scalable IoT solutions. Xenio helps business leaders improve consumer experiences, make marketing more effective, increase safety and security, cut capital and operating costs, and save energy.

Substantial resources have been invested to develop Xenio, starting in 2014. In 2016, Xenio spun out of LED-innovator Bridgelux (a former Harris & Harris Group portfolio company) to best enable Xenio’s commercial launch and growth.