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Metabolon develops biochemical diagnostics and analysis services enabled by its proprietary metabolomics platform.

Privately Held

The Market
Healthcare – Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine

The Problem
Understanding the complex nature of drug actions and disease mechanisms is generally not possible using common biotechnology approaches including genomics, transcriptomics or proteomics.


Metabolon’s Solution
Metabolon’s platform aids in the discovery of biochemical markers that represent changes that are truly indicative of the drug action or disease mechanisms. This is important because these small molecules represent the products of cellular metabolism, which change in response to disease and drug therapy. By being able to identify and quantify the small molecules that result from cellular metabolism, Metabolism has the ability to understand disease states more accurately, to diagnose these disease states earlier and with greater sensitivity, to recognize treatments that may be most effective for certain populations, and to provide insight into complex biochemical processes such as drug action, toxicology and bioprocess optimization.

Metabolon’s technology is robust and has been rigorously tested and validated as a powerful tool for discovery of biomarkers of disease, drug efficacy, drug toxicity and mechanism of action in clinical specimens by over 125 studies with pharmaceutical, government and academic investigators.

Nanotechnology Factor
Cellular metabolism is facilitated by nanoscale cellular machinery and is impacted by perturbations of the metabolic system. Metabolon has developed and patented technology and methodologies that simultaneously detect and quantify all of the small molecules present in complex biological specimens.