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Laser Light Engines (LLE) designs, develops and manufactures ultra-high brightness, digitally controlled laser-drive light sources for digital cinema and large venue projection display.

Privately Held

The Market
Cleantech – High Brightness Light Generation

The Problem
Current high brightness sources of light, such as xenon bulbs, have limited lifetimes, require substantial cooling during operation, use significant amounts of energy and have limited light output capabilities. These characteristics are problematic in the digital cinema industry, and particularly projection of 3D movies. Alternative sources of light to xenon bulbs traditionally suffer from interference artifacts that have thus far limited their adoption.

LLE’s Solution
LLE uses proprietary non-linear optic and nanotechnology-enabled approaches and technologies to generate high-power laser light without interference artifacts that have thus far limited the penetration of laser-based light sources in the digital cinema market. Laser-based light sources are a preferred alternative to the current xenon bulb technology used in commercial projectors because they consume less power, require less cooling infrastructure, create higher brightness images, particularly for 3D movies, have longer operating lifetimes and enable delivery of light from a centralized location via optical fiber. LLE’s light sources can be retrofitted into existing digital cinema projectors without substantial modification or customization.

Nanotechnology Factor
The ability to convert high-power infrared light to visible light that is not subject to interference effects that have plagued similar approaches relies on nanoscale properties of the materials, optical fibers and nanosecond pulses of laser light used by LLE.