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Bridgelux develops high-power and energy-efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs), arrays and light engines used in solid-state lighting applications.

Privately Held

The Market
Cleantech – General illumination

The Problem
LEDs and arrays of LEDs are of interest as replacements for standard light bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs because they are very energy efficient and have long lifetimes. However, they are currently too expensive to drive widespread adoption.

Bridgelux’s Solution
Bridgelux is a vertically integrated LED manufacturer that uses its proprietary technology to develop LED chips and package them into arrays. Its LED chips are designed to provide high efficiency of light extraction, good heat dissipation, and high reliability. Bridgelux’s arrays are enabled by its proprietary Metal Bond Technology that aims to minimize thermal resistances and costs of manufacturing. Bridgelux is bridgelux_image025also pursing development of LEDs on silicon substrates. Silicon is significantly lower cost than conventional substrates used in LED production. The combination of these technologies and approaches are the basis for the company’s goal of providing the lowest cost, highest light producing LED light engines available.

Nanotechnology Factor
To create a particular color of light, Bridgelux’s LED chips require nanoscale control of the thickness of the layers of the materials used to make the chips. The arrays are enabled by the ability to control the properties of the interfaces between materials to minimize sources of loss that can increase cost and decrease light output.

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